Prix & Distinctions


7 nominations for the 2023 "Trille Or" Awards Gala

  • Album
  • Author and/or composer (solo or group)
  • Live performance – WINNER
  • Sound recording and mixing – WINNER
  • Music video
  • Visual design
  • Public's favorite

3 nominations for the 4th Capital Music Awards 2023

  • Songwriter of the Year – WINNER
  • Album of the year
  • Video of the year (for “Effet Placebo” by SixteenPads)

1 nomination for the 2023 Ontario Folk Music Awards (Oct 2023)

  • Performer of the year


Nominated for the Johanna Metcalf Performing Arts Prize for 2021

Young Graduate Award 2021 - Excellence Award from the University of Ottawa Alumni Association

1 nomination for the 2021 "Trille Or" Awards Gala

  • Best Music Video (for “Étrange Absurdité” by Tarzan Studio)


9 nominations for the 2019 "Trille Or" Awards Gala

  • Solo Artist – WINNER
  • Award-winning song (for “NOMADE”)
  • Show – WINNER
  • Solo artist – urban music
  • Media's favorite - WINNER
  • Export – Ontario
  • Web presence
  • Visual design (for the album “LAPSUS”)
  • *Company (Intello-Productions Inc.)


Coup-de-Foudre (Love at first Sight) Prize – Réseau Ontario / Contact Ontarois 2018

Ontario Arts Foundation Artist-Educator Award


Medal of the Senate of Canada for the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation

“Canadian Song Writing Competition”

  • Big winner – Francophone Music – with the song “Dans le sang”
  • Honorable mention for the song “Nomade”

2 nominations for the 2017 "Trille Or" Awards Gala

  • Best author, composer or songwriter (for Lapsus)
  • Export-Ontario (Solo artist or French-speaking group from Ontario having achieved the most success outside the province)


LAPSUS – (upon release) 24th for the Top 200 New releases on iTunes Canada (French Pop category)


Édith-Butler Prize from the SPACQ Foundation (Professional Society of Authors and Composers of Quebec)

7 nominations at the 2015 Trille Or Awards Gala

  • Best Male Performer
  • Best music video (for “Pensées-soleil” by Voyelles Films)
  • Best album (for “Perles et Paraboles”)
  • Solo artist or French-speaking group from Ontario who has achieved the most success outside the province
  • Best director/arranger (Sonny Black for “Pearls and Parables”)
  • Media's favorite
  • Best Album Cover


Galaxy Rising Star Award for the song “Pensées-soleil” – French-speaking winner of the “Songs From The Heart” competition of the “Ontario Council for Folk Festivals” (Folk Music Ontario)